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Bharatesh Central School is an institution that has been established to nurture kids into responsible and skilled citizens. Its identity is that of an institution that embraces change while being deep rooted in culture. The School emblem depicts a book firmly placed under a banyan tree within a lotus. The book stands for the vast repository of knowledge that lies in this world.

The Banyan tree is long considered as a symbol of deep – rootedness and firmness of thought. Just like the Banyan seed that obtains nutrients from the soil and grows into a huge tree, students are expected to gain knowledge and grow into fine human beings – educated, responsible and worthy citizens of the world. The tree spreads its roots deep and wide, just how the student must strive to gain knowledge from all sources. It stands upright- proudly spreading its branches. It symbolizes growth and an unwavering spirit. The lotus is a symbol of purity – of thought, speech and deeds. The pink lotus is considered the most pure form of beauty, spirituality and individuality. A Bharateshian embodies the characteristics of these symbols that define his or her identity. A Bharateshian strives to gain knowledge from every source, reaches out to the sky in terms of growth and yet remains rooted to his or her home, country and society, grows in stature yet remains humble and pure.

The school, with its faculty and students, shares the values of its emblem. It is a symbol to be deeply imbibed throughout the school life and for a lifetime.


Bharatesh Central School has a special motto which reads: ज्ञानम परमं बलं
It means that knowledge is the utmost strength of a person. It signifies the importance of knowledge in today’s world, where strength is not measured in power or money or tools but in knowledge. It highlights that it is the duty of every student to work hard in the pursuit of knowledge.

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BHARATESH CENTRAL SCHOOL-HALAGA is situated in the city of BELAGAVI. Belgaum is an important, high profile city and deemed to be 2nd capital of Karnataka. Belgaum is on the Golden Quadrilateral Highway (NH-4) Belgaum has metropolitan like atmosphere and it is popularly known as “poor man’s hill station”. Belgaum is an overnight journey from state capitals of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil nadu and Goa.